4 Guidelines To The Best Rapid Prototyping Services

by Walter Smith

Rapid prototyping services are the fastest way of giving life to ideas. They ensure that prototypes produced are working models and meet the exact specifications required. Furthermore, Rapid Prototyping Companies employ manufacturing techniques that ensure the prototypes produced are tangible and high-quality models. The latest advancement in prototyping ensures that the services offered are computer-aided. Additionally, there are several rapid prototyping services offered by the best manufacturers; here are some;

4 Guidelines to the best rapid prototyping services

1. CNC machining services

The best rapid prototyping manufacturers available in the market offer CNC machining services as part of their service lists. The CNC machining services come in a variety of services, including precision machining, CNC turning, surface grinding, wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) and EDM, and CNC milling. Furthermore, the best manufacturers use 3, 4, and 5-axis machining centers that ensure the production of high-precision parts. They also manage all technical aspects of parts and prototype production, giving you time for things such as product marketing. Additionally, the best manufacturers can develop prototypes from either metal or plastic materials.

2. Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is also known as industrial 3D printing. Some of the services rendered by additive manufacturing include; SLM, SLS, SLA, and FDM. The best manufacturers ensure high-quality 3D printing of both metals and plastics. They also ensure to offer the production or prototyping option. The best merit of additive manufacturing is that one can develop complex geometrics parts, small batches, and one-off parts that cannot be attained through traditional manufacturing procedures. 

3. Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling, also known as bridge tooling or prototype tooling, is best used for low volume injection molding. It ensures that the low-volume injection molding is cost-efficient and quick. Rapid tooling is also best used for developing plastic components. Furthermore, after the rapid tooling process produces steel or aluminum mold, the molds can be included in the molding process to create several replicas of a part.

Thus, the critical work of rapid tooling is to establish molds that will cater to rapid prototyping needs. Furthermore, rapid tooling helps to link the gap prior to mass volume production. Thus, the best manufacturers available ensure to use of the latest technologies to manufacture quality solutions for short-run productions and prototypes through rapid tooling.

4. Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting is also known as Urethane casting. The best manufacturers in the market should offer vacuum casting services. They should be capable of handling silicone molding needs and vacuum casting. Vacuum casting requires the use of plastic materials. Thus, the best manufacturer should be able to fabricate plastic components to the highest level of standards while at the same time ensuring fast turnarounds and cost-efficiency are attained.

The Vacuum casting process is ideal for creating flexible or rigid parts. It is also best for function testing, display demos, high-quality prototypes, and concept proofing. Furthermore, the best manufacturer can make the parts from a small number to many.


There are many rapid prototyping manufacturers available in the market. The best manufacturers ensure that they offer a wide array of services to their customers. Furthermore, they ensure the services offered are quality, cost-efficient, and employ’s the latest technologies.

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