Why PTFE Gaskets Are Popular in Industrial Applications

by Walter Smith

Engineers recommend Teflon or PTFE gaskets because of the different benefits they offer. That is because this material offers unique advantages that make them ideal for different applications. It is advisable to get 15%-25% Glass Restructured PTFE Sheet & Gasket as they are strong and reliable. These are some of the reasons to consider using PTFE gaskets for appropriate applications.

Chemical Resistance

A vital quality that offers a competitive advantage is the exceptional resistance to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals. Therefore, it is ideal for aggressive chemicals, such as acids, solvents, and bases. When you check the chemicals that attack polymers, they are quite a few. Thus, this type of solvent can be used without any issue. That explains why it is recommended for chemical processing.

Temperature Resistance

For industrial operations, it is vital to choose a gasket that withstands high temperatures. That is the case in metallurgy, the food industry, and chemical processing. In fact, the demand for extreme temperature resistance is quite high. Fortunately, Teflon has the excellent capability and can withstand up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit. That explains why this type of gasket is ideal for aggressive fluids and high temperatures.


Nowadays, there are various types of Teflon gaskets you can choose from. Different properties are because of various manufacturing processes. This results in materials with different performance and cost features. With variations in cost and performance, you can get PTFE, which suits your requirements. Remember that you can find gaskets of varying thickness. Some contain silicone, sheets, and fillers. If you cannot find standard gaskets that suit your needs, you should consider getting custom made.


Some gaskets you find on the market are easily corroded by chemicals in the area they are used. PTFE gaskets are perfect for pharmaceutical and chemical applications, as the polymer is resistant to corrosive chemicals. Therefore, it can be used in areas with harsh acids and chemicals. Moreover, since this gasket is non-corrosive and non-wetting, it provides strong protection from leaks.

Thermal and Electrical Insulation

You should note that PTFE gaskets are poor conductors of heat and electricity. As a result, it does not heat up even if used in an area that produces a lot of heat. You will find it used in different industrial applications where thermal and electrical insulation is desired. However, you should note that specialized Teflon gaskets are quite expensive as compared to the standard ones.

Readily Available

There are several manufacturers that make custom PTFE gaskets suitable for different industries. It is vital to provide the gasket manufacturer with detailed specifications. In this way, you can be assured that you can make gaskets according to your requirements.

There are different benefits of using a PTFE gasket. However, you should avoid overlooking the weaknesses of the product. For instance, this gasket is known to show cold flow and creep characteristics whenever it is used under extreme compression. All these things reduce the overall gasket performance.

The truth is that the PTFE gasket is widely used because of its durability, versatility, and chemical properties. Nevertheless, it has its share of disadvantages. Therefore, when it comes to its usage, you should consider both pros and cons.

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