What Are the Leading LED Screen Controllers?

by Walter Smith

If your screen is not big enough to pass a message across in the name of conveying it, or you want centralized control over various spaces, like a bar, you will need a high-quality video processor. This processor should take signals to display your images seamlessly up to ten screens. The screens should work at concerts. You may also split it to share among various monitors. But the market is flooded with several brands, and it is vital to understand how to choose the best among the most popular led screen controller brands in the market today. Below are some of the most popular brands.

1. NovaPro LED Video Controllers

NovaPro LED UHD integrates video processing and video control coupled with LED screen configuration into a single controller. It can receive various signals and process HD images with ultra-resolution.

The maximum loading capacity of the controller is 8 million pixels. It also comes with an in-built VI smart platform. It supports the creation of layers, property settings, coupled with screen configuration using a mouse.

It can also send your processed video into an LED display via the ethernet ports using fiber optical connectors.

2. Uniharpa Processor

Uniharpa is a display processor with a HD resolution that allows you to maintain a high-quality picture in different ratios easily.

  • It has a handy adjustment know that eases navigation coupled with the changes needed in the settings.
  • It has an effective noise reductionfeature
  • It also comes with DVI points
  • Has two primary output channels

3. Rijer Processor

Rijer is a top-notch processor with a cool button layout. It is easy to use as it simplifies the setup process.

  • It supports an output of 6k
  • It can also support mobile devices
  • Runs without making noise
  • It also comes handy with an easy to use remote just in case you decide to install it where you can barely reach it
  • It is powerful such that you do need to worry about it tearing

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4. No Hassle Video Controller

The No-Hassle video controller and processer is designed to create a 3*3 display from your signals using a simple setup process.

  • The device sends data over about 7 cables
  • It also needs no mirroring or the reorganizing of the device to line the panels
  • Comes with power over the ethernet
  • The receivers are obtrusive
  • Comes with a two-year warranty

5. RJ LED Video Processer Unit

The LED video processor unit is simple to use and is designed with an advanced image processing chip.

  • Compared to the ordinary LED color video processorin the sector, RJ -100 is simple to control and operate.
  • The image of the device can also be set using a remote controller processor
  • Full screen to provide support to the LED device
  • Has a full color screen controller to help achieve an effect that can display the signal of the image on the full screen

Final Thoughts

If you are shopping around for a video controller, then you are in the right place especially if there are varieties in the market. You can use the options above to connect the VGA interface of the signal source to the port of the input. You may also connect the HDMI output port of the device’s processor.

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