Top 3 Applications of Rapid Manufacturing

by Walter Smith

Using a balanced combination of the right software and appropriate rapid manufacturing equipment, intricate parts of complex manufactured structures could be replicated in little to no time. With advancements being made in the technological industry, various improvements have been only been made to the field of rapid manufacturing. Initially, the process was used in the creation of small-scale or prototypes to larger finished projects. But now rapid manufacturing could be used in the manufacture or the finished products themselves.

This article will be focused on the various applications of rapid manufacturing in the world today. The classification used in this article will be on a more general note than an in-depth study of the applications of RM in various Industries. Note that, RM, as used in this article, refers also to rapid manufacturing.

However, before we proceed to the applications we will dedicate a comparatively short part of this article to the actual definition or meaning of rapid manufacturing.

What then is Rapid Manufacturing?

Rapid manufacturing could be referred to as the process or steps involved in the formation or fabrication of either some parts of a computer designed model or the publication of the entire model. Rapid manufacturing is somewhat different from the traditional computer numerical control milling method (CNC). Although computer numerical control milling could be viewed as a form of rapid manufacturing, there are some differences.

We would not be going into the differences at the moment. However, those differences are what allow the rapid manufacturing process to possess a slight advantage or edge over the more common CNC. This advantage allows the rapid manufacturing process to fabricate intricate components or parts that end up with a much higher do metric complexity than parts fabricated through CNC.

Applications of Rapid Manufacturing In Various Fields

  1. Industries: Manufacturing has made its mark majorly as a result of its industrial uses and applications. It has been used in the fabrication of tools as well as other industrial necessities. The use of rapid manufacturing has saved a lot of industries a lot of money. For instance, rapid manufacturing is now used on a global level for the fabrication of molds. injection molds as well as metal castings some of the more common industrial applications of rapid manufacturing.
  2. Construction and architecture: Rapid manufacturing is also extremely relevant in this field for reasons that are all too apparent. Various equipment and tools through which RM can be done have made it possible to transform a lot of architectural ideas into realities.
  3. The aerospace industry especially, has rapidly developed as a result of applying rapid manufacturing processes. Especially the Handling of delicate metals and the fabrication of even more delicate parts have all been made possible via rapid manufacturing.

There are various other fields in which the use of rapid manufacturing has gained ground. They include medical, military, electronics, and many more.


As mentioned earlier this classification is more of a general one. Taking a deeper look into the various field mentioned would show that they could leave room for even more classification based on the application of ERP manufacturing. There is a site that you can learn more, just visit the site now.

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