Discover The Perks Of Using Laser Cleaning Technology

by Walter Smith

Laser cleaning is a new and eco-friendly way of cleaning metal surfaces leaving behind a clean surface that can be painted or welded. Secondly, laser surface cleaning technology is automated and requires no water or reagent to function. Some cleaning work requires close human supervision hence the need for a portable laser rust removal machine. There are many different types of portable laser cleaners, each with its capacity and capabilities. In this article, we discuss the benefits of using portable laser rust cleaner to clean rusty equipment.

1. Time-efficient

There are different ways to remove rust from iron coated metal objects. Some involve chemical use, electrolysis, sandpaper scraping, use of home remedies, among others. But, something unique about these methods is they require a lot of time and equipment, something not witnessed within the laser rust removal process. Laser ablation makes use of powerful beans to clean dirt off the top of metal objects.

Apart from rust, laser cleaning also works on paint, unwanted coats such as galvanization, and insulation. A portable laser cleaner allows the operator to work on small surfaces faster. When compared to other chemical methods, the laser method only takes a few minutes to clean rusted equipment using a laser.

2. Eco friendly

Laser cleaning technology works using intense laser beams. The machines do not need water, chemicals or scrubbing materials. Thus, using fewer chemicals end up protecting the environment by reducing pollution and saving water usage.

3. High precision

Using chemicals to clean off rust often requires extra scrubbing to get the job done. It is incredibly hard to get a neat finish using a brush or any scrubbing tool. You are very likely to miss a few spots, which makes the job shoddy.

The laser precision of a laser rust cleaner allows technicians to achieve a perfect finish. Also, regulating laser strength and intensity enables the laser machine to focus on rust in different metals substances, increasing precision.

4. Highly efficient

Methods; such as scrubbing and grinding off rust lead to loss of good metal surface. Thus, the cleaned end product gets weak and not as effective as the original tool. Secondly, chemicals that dissolve rust will also corrode good metal chuck, therefore defeating the purpose of cleaning the metal.

 Using a laser cleaning machine will target beams at the rust coating only. The metal under the rust coating will not be affected by the beams as the surface is highly reflective. The effect of reflecting beams off a surface can be seen when a laser is focused on two balloons. One can be yellow and the other black. The yellow balloon will be unaffected because it reflects the laser while the black balloon bursts.

5. Requires less energy to complete

A portable laser machine is easy to use because of its ergonomic design. The portable laser cleaner design is perfected to balance its weight leaving little weight to be carried by the technician. It is also worth mentioning that working with a laser beam poses less risk to the users’ health as compared to other chemicals and tools.

In conclusion

Laser surface cleaning technology has revolutionized cleaning. In the next few years, many household objects will be cleaned using lasers, now limited only because laser cleaning equipment is not cheap, and some stores overprice their products while selling to naïve buyers. Laser cleaning also serves for a long time, unlike other methods that need constant repetition.

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