Is Soy Wax the Best Material for Candle Making?

by Walter Smith

The refining process of soybean candles has inspired some knowledgeable facts in science. Soy wax is gaining attention as one of the renewable alternatives to paraffin wax for candle making. But the current soy wax candles are experiencing problems. Some of the issues include poor melting together with solidification properties. If you are passionate about making candles and want to turn it into a business, here is how to use soy wax to make high-grade candles.

Choose the right soy wax – check the quality and state

Your choice of wholesale soy wax is dependent on various factors. Some of them include the type of candles you want to make. Another defining characteristic is the kind of wax you want to use. Is it an all-natural wax? Natural wax has a low melting point. This means that it lasts longer. Therefore, you will get more value for your invested money.

Other factors to consider when choosing the ideal soy wax for your candle are the scent throw your candle should have and the level of finish you want to see on the candle. With these factors considered, you can decide which is the right wax for your application.

Define your brand and its identity

Your brand identity is composed of what your product says about its composition. Come up with a list of unique names for your candle brand. Let it communicate the product and say what people would like to feel when they use it. Define your brand’s value and include the price range.

Will it be luxurious? Will it be earthy? Decide what the soy wax candle will stand for. As you do this, care to choose a niche. At this point, you need to create a logo. It should fit nicely into the brand’s identity.

Define the selling proposition of your brand and its objective

The selling position of your brand will determine its success. As you venture into the candle wax selling project, you need to define your products’ unique features. What will set you apart from the others? Is it the color or scent? Will you embed gemstones on your candles? Determine these elements for a successful business.

Come up with the candle’s product range.

The success of a business depends on its array of products. Every time a company introduces a product into the market, customers rush to the shelves to check whether the item is suitable for them or not. The finest candle brands offer customers reliability. This will build trust on your brand.

Over time, candle buyers will evangelize the product to acquaintances. Your sales will then increase. To develop your candle’s product range, you need to define its look. Come up with an appropriate packaging too.

Final Thoughts

Soy way is a renewable material derived from vegetables. Candles made from it burn up slowly. Unlike its counterpart, paraffin wax, it is biodegradable and easy to use in candle manufacture. As you venture into your new business, remember to incorporate the tips above for a successful venture.

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